Our Solutions

In view of developments in the global context, Contakt is committed to

  • Develop highly reliable and robust core infrastructure components for telecom service operators
  • Create new revenue streams for the operators through innovative services

Contakt’s extensive domain expertise is complimented by her in-depth knowledge of Programming Languages, Web Technologies, Databases and Operating Systems. Contakt’s solutions address the necessities of today and the requirements of tomorrow. As your active technology partner, Contakt works with you to understand your market trends and business vision, developing the solutions you need to thrive in a changing world.

As a market visionary, Contakt looks to the future and responds to the growing needs of clients with integrated, modular solutions designed to meet the unique demands of economic climates around the world.
Having earned a reputation for a proven record of delivering scalable, high-performance and reliable solutions, we also undertake “Fixed Price” project that helps you to

  • Reduce financial risk by ceiling potential financial spend
  • Choose projects with the highest Return in Investment (RoI).
  • Support annual budgeting by knowing how much money to allocate to the project in the coming year(s) for the project.
  • Be aware of total costs by explicitly being aware of the total cost of a project instead of being provided person-month rate.

Since 2003, our road journey has led to development of powerful building blocks for 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks, MVNOs and ASPs which enables us to offer short turnaround time for newer innovative solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and numerous implementations of Intelligent Network based applications, coupled with huge data handling capability for highly available and scalable platforms make us your ideal partner to develop point solutions.

To know more about our expertise and experience please refer to our Case Studies and Installations which discuss our established credentials.