Case Study - III: CRBT

End Customer: Bhutan Telecom,

Service Offered:

CRBT Platform implementation, integration with network, charging, Content  Management, helping Bhutan Telecom in marketing and popularizing the service with subscriber base of Bhutan Telecom with some of the most advanced features including gifting, different caller tunes for different callers, copying, etc.


Bhutan Telecom Bhutan Telecom is a government operated mobile operator in Bhutan. The network is managed by some of the leading companies including Ericsson, Acision to name a few. Based on Contakt team expertise and CRBT product features, Bhutan Telecom management decided to go ahead with Contakt CRBT platform above all other vendors.

Contakt offered a complete enhanced feature ready product; some of the features offered by Contakt in CRBT platform are listed below:
  • IVR, SMS and WEB provisioning. WAP & USSD were also offered but Bhutan Telecom team preferred to have it in phase 2)
  • WEB and IVR portal management with the latest content and refreshment from time to time for all genres,
  • Management of IVR portal with voice from top local RJs which further helped in pickup of the service.
  • Real time content upload, reports viewing, etc for each content providers using their login details which also helped them to analyze the content which was selling from their offerings.
  • Enhanced features to admin using which any MSISDN can be provisioned, content change, blocked, etc depending on the profile.
  • Enhanced customer care login for the customer care team using which they can track any
    • MSISDN complete history.
    • Provisioning requested platform details i.e. SMS or IVR,
    • Content history and the date on which the content was changed,
    • Platform using which the content was changed i.e. SMS or IVR
    • Gifting details i.e. the MSISDN’s to whom any content has been gifted with content details, time, etc.
  • Star copy feature for copying any of friends tune at time of voice call.
  • Copy feature by sending the MSISDN to the short code and the default tone for that MSISDN get set for the requested MSISDN.
  • Different tones for different callers depending on day, time, etc.

Launch & Marketing Details:

The service was integrated and made ready for final testing within a short spam of 3 weeks even considering that Bhutan Telecom team was very new to signaling systems and need lot of help from Contakt technical onsite team.

The service was kept free for first 2 weeks and saw a huge response of approximate 25% users of total operator subscriber base in 2 weeks of promotion only.

Promotions were carried out through local media; SMS blasts were done using Contakt Bulk SMS application and profiling engine which helped to schedule SMS promotions in advance for any date and time, type of user, etc.

1 day prior to charging, SMS promotions were sent to active users informing that the service will be charged starting of 1st day of coming month and hence if anyone want to deactivate then they can send the request for the same using the IVR or else will be charged. As expected users started sending deactivation request and finally about 60% of the total subscriber base was left on the charging eve, out of these about 95% were prepaid users and 5% were postpaid users.

Further on the charging eve, we checked the balance of the prepaid users who did not sent deactivation request through the IN and were surprised that if we would have gone ahead with the previously agreed charging process of 30 Nu monthly subscription for prepaid users than only 25% users will be successfully charged and rest will be deactivated as almost 75% did not had sufficient balance in their account.

The same information was shared with the operator and he informed that there doesn’t seem any way out of this and hence we might have to take this step and loose close to 75% of existing prepaid users as they don’t have sufficient balance.

Contakt team used their expertise and prior experience and implemented per day charging in the CRBT system for prepaid users which ensured that 100% prepaid users charging process was successful as all users have balance of more than 1 Nu. This step further helped as there was no loose of active users.

There were regular promotions for the service and prepaid users are informed that the service is charged according to per day billing and not monthly. This helped us to increase the penetration to almost 32% which is the highest that we have ever read or heard in 6 months of launch of any VAS service with any operator worldwide.

Regular contests including King Coronation, Local New Year, Local festivals contests were also executed where Bhutan Telecom team take care of the bumper prizes, promotion in local media, etc and Contakt also contributed by giving away small prizes from their share. This has further helped to increase the penetration within few months of the service launch.