Case Study - IV: High Throughput Capability

End Customer: 3, Indonesia,

System Integrator (SI):

Tech Mahindra


Tech Mahindra is the chosen partner by 3 Indonesia for outsourcing its Information Technology (IT) and Tech Mahindra chose Contakt in the backend for this high throughput requirement understanding the criticality & Contakt expertise. Tech Mahindra was looking for a solution which could provide a one point interface for all queries related to Billing, Provisioning, IN and CRM.

Contakt’s Solution:

Understanding the end customer’s requirement, Contakt positioned its Notification Gateway product which offered a scalable and highly flexible node in 3’s network to meet its objective. Few salient features of this solution are:
  1. Handling 1500 Transactions per Second (TPS)
  2. Interface to Siebel CRM, Geneva Billing and TIBCO
  3. Uptime: 99.99%
  4. Supporting 40 million transactions per day

The services being addressed by this solution are:

  • Credit limit increase/decrease
  • Program of incentives for selected group
  • Retailer incentives calculation
  • Bonus Balance for the Prepaid Subscriber
  • Add on Balance for the Prepaid Subscriber
  • Account query Addon for the Prepaid Subscriber
  • Balance, Validity Date, Grace Period, and Last Usage Amount, etc. for the Prepaid Subscriber.
  • Type of Plan for the Prepaid Subscriber.
  • Current Outstanding Balance, Current Outstanding Date, Payment Due Date, Month to date Amount for the Postpaid Subscriber.
  • Gives Month to Date Amount and Last Usage Amount for the Postpaid Subscriber.
  • Subscription type of the Subscriber.
  • Gives the credit Limit of the Postpaid Subscriber.

The high level architecture of this deployment is as follows:

Platform Used: